Posted by: trekguyd | April 2, 2010

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  1. My husband and parents visited Cinque Terre in late July for only a day and a half and we were stunned by it’s beauty and charm. My father has bad knees and hips and was instantly discouraged by the amount of walking up and down steep hills to get through the village…THANK GOODNESS FOR PALL! We hired Pall for the morning after we arrived for a light hike up from Riomaggiore to the hillside to overlook the sea and the five villages. After much coaxing and determination building my father had his walking shoes on and within seconds was captivated by the knowledge that Pall was able to share with us, the history, the culture, the fun facts about neighboring houses and vineyards, and of course the wild boar that still roam the wooded areas. My dad forgot all about his hips and knees and the four of us took a stroll upwards and listened to the stories Pall had to share! It was an amazing experience! The five of us, hiked and viewed and enjoyed the majesty of the villages. Pall accommodated our hike with a boat ride, some train rides, and of course a victory swim when we arrived at the last village. He took us across the Via Della ‘Amore (sp?) and then my husband and I took a late afternoon swim off the best rock in the area! My husband and I regard that afternoon as one of the best on our trips and we are longing for another swim! Thank you Pall for such an amazing experience!

  2. Our hike with Pall from Riomaggiore to Porto Venere was a highlight of our 2 weeks in Italy. Pall allowed us to see places we never would have attempted on our own, sensitively adapting to our particular physical limitations. The hike was breathtakingly beautiful and his wealth of knowledge made for a fascinating day. The food and wine suggestions he made helped to round out the rest of our time in Cinque Terre. We look forward to returning to Cinque Terre and to having Pall guide us through this magnificent scenery again.

  3. They were so happy to have done this trek and I could see the wide smile on both their faces as we returned to Manarola. I set up a nice dinner at Billy for them to finish their day off and reward for them. They were great fun and to know that he left his shoes to return back to Cinque Terre some day brought a smile to my face. Thank you, Pall

  4. Paul took a party of three on a hike from Riomaggiore to Porto Venere in July 2011. Paul kindly catered the hike to our ‘special’ needs following a recent illness in our party and our level of fitness. It was an inspiring hike, and the views breathtaking (literally sometimes):). We were the second slowest group (by one minute I believe) to have taken on the hike which took us 7 hours. There is huge variation on the time obviously in taking the hike as Paul explained he can do the hike in approx 4 hours!!

    It was a lifetime experience of our European tour and we cannot thank Paul enough for his kindness and his efforts to secure accommodation and a travelling timetable for our departure to Nice.

    We have just returned home to Australia after 8 weeks of touring Europe and I would have to say this hike was the highlight of our Italian experience.

    We would have loved to have spent much more time in the region to further enjoy the wonderful hospitality provided to us by Paul and his neighbours. THANK YOU we will never forget the time you afforded us.

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