Posted by: trekguyd | May 14, 2011

Via Dell’Amore Prices

The trail is now open between Corniglia and Monterosso, But still closed Manarola to Corniglia. The price is €5.00 on weekdays and €6.00 on weekends



  1. How long does it take to walk the Via Dell”Amore under current conditions?

  2. The Via dell Amore takes no more then 20 minutes, because it is only between Riomaggiore and Manarola. Now the full trail which has a part closed right now, (Manarola to Corniglia) takes about 3 to 4 hours. This depends on how fast you walk and how busy the trail is. It the summer and on week ends its a cattle trail.

  3. I may be visiting Cinque Terre this summer. Was there in 2008 and had a great time.

    Nice to find a resource which includes updates on the state of the walking trails.

    • Frank, if you need any help and can not find it on my web site or my tweets, just ask. Trekguyd Pall

  4. Tonight I just learned that there are web sites that will offer you all this and that, but they contact the person and add on extra fee. I also found out that most web sites work this way…I DO NOT! I want you all to know that this is not the way I do business. I WILL HELP YOU AND IT WILL NOT COST YOU ANYTHING. If you go to these web sites and I heard of new ones coming, BEWARE…..sorry about these type of people.

  5. Pall, do you know what is the state of the coastal trail? Will be visiting I think mid September and I wonder if the portion between Manarola and Corniglia will be accessible.


    • Yes, I do and you can not walk on the #2 trail from Manarola to Corniglia, but if you take the #6 up to Volastra and then the #7 down to Corniglia, you can. This not a part of the pay trail. I have what is open on my web site and the cost of 5 Euro for all the # 2 trail and bus up to Volastra from Manarola or The bus up to the village of Corniglia from the train station. This part of the trail has been closed for 2 years and look like they will not do anything soon. If we do get a heavy rain, they will shut down the the Corniglia to Vernazza trail due to the slide above it. Need any other help, just ask right from my web site….Pall

      • Great; thanks a lot for the info.

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