Posted by: trekguyd | October 26, 2011

Flood in Monterosso Oct 25

Floods have touched Cinque Terre, heavy rains caused flooding and rocks slides. Trails are closed, no train service and we have some power back.



  1. My toughts are with those affected by the Italian floods…..

  2. i was just in monterosso in august 😦 my thoughts go out to everyone affected in cinque terre

  3. please let everyone be ok. Its amazing part of the world ,you are in my preys.

  4. Thank you all for the blessing for the people in this region. We here in Riomaggiore, Manarola and Cornilglia who did not have the problems that Monterosso or Vernazza received and are helping them dig out. If you want to help, just come back and see how we all worked to save one another in these times of trouble. The Cinque Terre had a very bad year with the first mud slides, then the fires in September and now this. So please return and show us your friendship as we want to see you again. Thanks again for all your blessings, Pall (trekguyd)

  5. All my prayers to the wonderful people in the Cinque Terra. I was there in May with a group of 8 women and we stayed at Albergo Marina. I hope they are okay, along with the people from Agroturismo Burano. We had such a lovely time in that beautiful area. Now I will have to plan a return trip!

  6. monterosso is one of the loveleys places on earth. i’d been there since i was 2 years old. i’d been there every summer holidays and sometimes in autumn. i love monterosso ’cause its like a home. now i send all my prayers to monterosso and all the affected. stay strong! we’ll meet next summer!

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