Posted by: trekguyd | October 29, 2011

Via dell”Amore closed

Its hard enough trying to get information out of the newscasts, to see what is going on in Cinque Terre, so we went out on a hike high above the Via dell’Amore to see what the conditions were really like. We took trail number 6 and 7 ascending from Riomaggiore and up to Volastra. There are only 2 or 3 places where the water damage had taken down trees and a part of the trail was washed out, but not unpassable.

Via dell"Amore empty

Coming down into Corniglia, we saw some mud that washed down the trail. Trains were late but stopped in Corniglia. One cannot go any further from there. Only volunteers are allowed in. Monterosso and Vernazza are the heaviest hit. The other three villages, Riomaggiore, Corniglia and Manarola are okay. Unfortunately the Via dell’Amore is closed. There are not a whole lot of tourists around right now and the ones that are, are mostly confused about the train schedules and what is open. Trains run, but a lot of them are cancelled or at the very least late.

The heaviest hit areas are Vernazza and Monterosso. t will take a lot of work to get the mud out from the streets and buildings. One can see the mud from high above as a milky looking streak in the harbor of Vernazza. A crane was brought in by boat today.

Via dell'Amore closed until further notice


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