Posted by: trekguyd | November 3, 2011

Via Dell’Amore open again

The Via Dell’Amore is open again and currently there is no charge. More trains are running now and the delays are not as frequent as before. There are still travelers around, but it has been pretty quiet here. We try to keep you posted!

Via Dell'Amore open again

Mudslide on the Road to Vernazza

The gates to the Via Dell’Amore might be open, but if you arrive to Cinque Terre by car, the upper road is still only accessible to San Bernadino. From this road the damage to the road to Vernazza and the muddy water is still visible from this upper road. The town itself is not the only place where damage occurred.

Unfortunately more rain is on the way. The weather-forecast is calling for at least three days of rain. Lets just hope that there wont be any more flash-floods. The crews are having enough on their hands as it is. Rows of trucks are heading to Vernazza to remove the mud from the area. More help is needed and the upcoming rains won’t make it any easier. We will try to keep you posted! In the meantime,

keep trekking…


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