Posted by: trekguyd | August 22, 2012

Tabacchi is bigger then you know.

Traditional Tabacchi Sign

Have you ever wondered what was behind this Big “T” store front? You knew it sold cigarettes, but this store hold many other odd and helpful things. You can play the lottery or put money on your cell phone. You can buy regional train and bus tickets as well. Have a post card and need stamps, you can get them there too. They even sell a tax stamp for contracts for official Italian documents. With some you can pay bills, such as your TV Tax. The weirdest of them all is they sell SALT. That is why you see SALI under the T, as it was taxed at one point in Italy. If you have ever been to Tuscany and had their bread, it is somewhat hard and tasteless. They where not happy with the tax and made their bread without salt to protest. They still make this bread the same way they did back then and keeping with tradition.


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