Posted by: trekguyd | December 4, 2012

Trekking alone in Cinque Terre

It was a cold morning to wake up to, but I could see that the sun was rising to make it a beautiful day. The people down below my flat were bundled up, but I put on black trekking clothes and head out with my back pack an camera. The center of Riomaggiore was cold, as it had no sun. As I walked up towards the castle the sun was beaming and so was the heat. I took off my jacket and headed off towards the trail.  I looked down at my little farm and then passed it as I crossed the bridge to head up on the trail. I have done this trail hundreds of times and this time I was alone. I started up looking back as I always do. It is different in winter, with the colors and the day was sunny, so the shutters were open to let the sun into the houses. In summer they have them closed to keep the heat out. As I have said it was a beautiful sunny day and with wearing black made it very pleasant to hike in light weight clothes. The higher I went up on the path the more I could see of the islands and the snow on the French Alps.

As I came to the top of the hill which is above the center of both the villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola  It became clear to me how wonderful this day was going to be. The camera does not have the eye of a human and what I could see was wonderful. I did my best to take such good shots so people could at least get an idea of what you could see if they were there. As I went higher towards the pink house I could only hear the twigs braking under my feet. I walked out on to the muddy road which leads through the forest towards Volastra. I noticed how much water we had received the last few days and the places that were dry during the summer now had a stream of water. I made it to the village of volastra and passed the olive groves which we being trimmed after being harvested. There were only a few trees left to be done.  Then I started down the path towards Manarola and now I passed 4 people coming up. I kept my eye on all of what I passed and could also see where I had just come from. Down now on the paved road and through the tunnel, over the bridge to my next and last trail down to Riomaggiore. Looking up at the area I had just trekked and knowing I just made a full circle. I was now home and as I write this there is a thunder storm raging out side my window, no rain.


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